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What is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation, also known as Hair Replication, is a process of implementing, with specialized pigments and needles, tiny permanent impressions–each of which resemble a hair follicle. This specialized and artistic application creates the illusion of full follicular density, even in areas of hair loss–effectively camouflaging any evidence of loss.

As a leading provider of Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Minneapolis and Burnsville, MN, Good Look Ink employs a vast wealth of knowledge and experience combined with state-of-the-art equipment. A variety of proprietary needles, pigments, procedure compounds, and implementation methods are employed to fit the unique needs of each unique GLI client.

What is CTHR?

CTHR was the previous brand name of our Scalp Micro Pigmentation process. The two names are interchangeable but most people now refer to this process as scalp micro pigmentation.

GLI’s Experience And Investment

Our experience and expertise has been well-earned and deeply felt. We offer our solutions because, as a hair loss company, we understand the alternatives and the specific issues that our clients face. Read our testimonials and look at our galleries of work. We are committed to our business and we are committed to our clients.

Permanent Solution for hair fall

Our Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure provides an excellent option for those who want the permanent Solution for hair fall. By following Good Look Ink’s specialized before-care regimen, the scalp is made healthy enough to safely accept pigment.

The GLI procedure result provides the illusion of shaven-down full density, including a full hairline, which is consistent with what has been represented by the hair system’ sometimes for many years. It will simply appear as though the hair system wearer has decided to shave their “full head of hair” down as a style choice.

Best Scalp Repairing The Damage from Hair Transplants

If you have had hair replacement in Minneapolis, consider our procedure as an option to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look. A large number of our clients come to us to help them with unsatisfactory effects from hair replacement surgery and the scars they were left with. We are experts in the treatment of scar tissue and know the issues our clients face very well.


Internationally Recognized for Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Good Look Ink, Inc. (GLI) is the only facility in the world that specializes exclusively in Scalp Micro Pigmentation. With a state-of-the-art facility in Minneapolis, MN and innovative techniques, GLI has been the leader in Scalp Micro Pigmentation since 2009.

The Scalp Micro Pigmentation process was created to give men who suffer from hair loss the ability to project the appearance of a man who has a full head of hair, but who chooses to shave his hair down as a style choice.

Thanks to the powerful and empowering trend that is the shaven-down look, an amazing new option for fighting hair loss has emerged. Through a highly-specialized, proprietary micro-pigmentation process developed by Good Look Ink, the evidence of hair loss can be effectively and permanently concealed.

In addition to neutralizing the color contrast between areas of hair and areas of hair loss, the GLI pigmentation process is at the forefront of the SMP industry in both technical refinement and dermatological understanding. Good Look Ink provides pigmentation procedures on a level that is second to none.

Though shaving down is popular and fashionable now, it wasn’t always. Many men have sustained physical, emotional, and financial trauma in battling hair loss with hair transplants and hair systems.

Best procedure for Hair Transplant.

Our experience in working with hundreds of men who have undergone transplant surgeries is this: Very few men who have undergone hair transplant surgery, particularly in the form of hair plugs or strip surgery, would never have completed the transplant surgery, had they understood the extent of the scar that they would receive from it. And, while transplants will temporarily conceal hair loss, eventually, as recession continues, the only option is another procedure.

Good Look Ink helps men to reach the liberation of concealing not only their hair loss, but also the evidence of previous surgical attempts at fighting hair loss–the surgical scars.

Our tested and proven before-care regimen provides men who feel trapped by their hair system lifestyle an escape that is as seamless and stigma-free as possible. Men who have been chained to the costs and maintenance of hair system lifestyle can finally break free without facing the ridicule of exposure. Good Look Ink can provide these men with a permanent result which supports the illusion that they have not experienced hair loss–the same illusion that the hair system creates at a great cost–both financial and personal.

Good Look Ink provides scalp micro-pigmentation results with unparalleled precision, realism, andlongevity. Each GLI procedure is customized to fit each client and their unique needs. GLI-Certified Technicians (who have completed the extensive and rigorous training and testing process) create and outline your treatment plan. Specialized, proprietary GLI pigment is selected, blended, and expertly implemented, while further catering the application to meet the specific dermatological needs of your scalp. All of these components combine to bring you the best and most specialized scalp micro pigmentation result available.


Hairline Design

Hairline design is often a team effort. The frame provided by a hairline is, after all, the focal point. As such, every GLI hairline is given the attention and expertise that it deserves. Highly experienced technical staff, with client input and preferences accommodated, methodically design, mark, measure, perfect, and then approve, each hair line before any pigment is applied to the hairline area. GLI-Certified Technicians have completed specialized training in appropriate hairline placement and hairline pigmentation techniques, and can be trusted to advise correctly with regard to age-appropriateness, cultural background, and density pattern.

The GLI Client Experience

Contact us if you need hair restoration in Minneapolis or in any part of the world. Prior to receiving any pigmentation service, a short phone consultation is provided by one of the GLI consultants. At this time, the consultant will review photos, evaluate candidacy, and answer any questions.

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re-establishing an attractive frontal hairline

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