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Come On Home — NBA Style

“Come on home” “the famous jibe from Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal to LeBron James”in reference to their urging him to shave his head to conceal his hair loss.

He shot back, leaving the “come on home” to what he called the “bald-headed stooges in studio”


I love this. This is a great phrase. It is warm and welcoming (albeit teasing). “Come on home” has undertones of belonging to a family of those in the same boat”of those who have fought (and lost) the struggle against hair loss.

Why do I love this? I love this because of the acceptance factor.

I love the comfort offered by fact that there is always a back-up safety net “when life doesn’t go according to plan, you can always go home.

I love the fresh start offered by “coming home”. Coming home allows you to regroup and get back “out there”.

Home is where everyone knows everything about you and loves you anyway. People at home can empathize and not judge. (At least, I hear that families are supposed to act this way).

I love the fact that shaven heads are now a powerful and fashionable style choice for men. This allows those with hair loss to level the playing field. By shaving down, hair loss is made far less detectable. By making hair loss less detectable, guys who shave down are rejecting society’s inclination to make judgments based on hair loss.

And, with the help of GLI Scalp Micropigmentation, your hair loss can be off of the radar completely”the 5 o”clock shadow of your remaining hair will be concealed and supported by realistic pigmentation in your thin spots.

Coming Home=Shaving Your Head. Good Look Ink is here to help you regroup, stronger than ever, and “get back out there”.

Thanks to this video blogger for giving us a powerful visual aid, using our buzzblender, to illustrate the concept of “coming on home” NBA-Style.

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"I was hesitant at first when i heard about micro scalp pigmentation, but then when i saw the before and after photos on Good look Ink, specifically for scar correction, I couldn't tell it was ink! it looked very natural and after all, if no one can tell, why hesitate, you want to look your best, without people knowing, right? so this was a win-win in my book. and the staff are just absolutely GREAT and very professional. should have done it years ago."

– Frank M

"I did my SMP at Good look Ink today and the result exceeded my expectation. The technician understood how my hair design should look and took her time to achieve the desired design. I would recommend Googlook In to anyone considering SMP."

– Dawitt Reviewed

"Okay here goes,,,,I am 46 & have been through it all....transplants, hair piece, Rogaine, etc. and I wish this that this process was available much earlier. I had made the mistake of using a cosmetic tattooist to save some money & quickly realized that it was a poor decision that required laser removal. I am extremely happy with the initial results as well as the overall treatment that I received."

– Ken M

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