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    Scalp Micropigmentation by Good Look Ink is a permanent, non-surgical, hair loss solution which restores the appearance of a full head of hair. Fill out the form below and one of our image consultants will contact you shortly.
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“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

We surveyed people to discover the #1 reason why they don’t move forward with a Scalp
Micropigmentation procedure at GLI. And it turns out, it’s all about fear. So let’s address the
three most common fears one at a time:

1. ”I’m afraid SMP won’t look good on me.”

This is a common anxiety with any hair-loss solution, and SMP is no exception. You can look at
all the Before and After pictures you want. Until you see it on YOUR head, it’s natural to be

Our Take: Go beyond the web pics and see it for yourself! Call us to arrange a visit to one of
our clinics, or to get connected with a GLI Guy near you. Seeing is believing. And with SMP, so
is touching. You’ll be amazed at how real SMP @ GLI looks and feels.

2. “I’m afraid to shave my head.”

This is something we hear especially from men who have scarring or other issues from
transplants. For them, going with the close-cropped SMP look is a leap of faith—and the idea
of taking a razor to their head is a little terrifying.

Our Take: We’ve never seen a GLI Guy who doesn’t look amazing with a shaved head. And
truth be told, women love it. The difference between being bald or patchy vs. being a GLI Guy
is the difference between insecurity and confidence. Your GLI look says, “Hey, I have a full head
of hair. I just choose to shave it!”

3. ”I just don’t have confidence in the procedure.”

Even though SMP has been around for a decade, it still feels new to some people. And that
anxiety is heightened by the fact that fly-by-night SMP providers pop up all the time.

Our Take: Be confident in the procedure, but be skeptical of the providers. If the people you’re
talking to seem more like glorified tattoo artists working out of a hotel room (instead of SMP
pioneers with fully trained staff working out of a clean and comfortable clinic), walk away. Then
call us toll free at 833-Good-Look (833-466-3566)!


The Bottom Line: Don’t let fear rob you of the confidence and success you deserve. Get a
FREE quote from GLI. Talk to us. Meet our clients. And take the next step to being a GLI Guy


Find out what Good Look Ink can do for You!

Got questions? We’re here to answer them. Just contact us today, and we’ll get back to you within one business day.


Online Reviews
"I was hesitant at first when i heard about micro scalp pigmentation, but then when i saw the before and after photos on Good look Ink, specifically for scar correction, I couldn't tell it was ink! it looked very natural and after all, if no one can tell, why hesitate, you want to look your best, without people knowing, right? so this was a win-win in my book. and the staff are just absolutely GREAT and very professional. should have done it years ago."

– Frank M

"I did my SMP at Good look Ink today and the result exceeded my expectation. The technician understood how my hair design should look and took her time to achieve the desired design. I would recommend Googlook In to anyone considering SMP."

– Dawitt Reviewed

"Okay here goes,,,,I am 46 & have been through it all....transplants, hair piece, Rogaine, etc. and I wish this that this process was available much earlier. I had made the mistake of using a cosmetic tattooist to save some money & quickly realized that it was a poor decision that required laser removal. I am extremely happy with the initial results as well as the overall treatment that I received."

– Ken M

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