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Top 4 Differences Between SMP@GLI and “hair tattoos”

If you were in the market for laser vision correction, would you rather go to a “licensed refractive LASIK surgeon” or an “eye-zapper”? (I think I know the answer.)

The point is, although the term “Scalp Micropigmentation” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, there’s a big difference between SMP as it’s performed at a place like Good Look Ink and “hair tattoos” done by tattoo at fly-by-night facilities.

If you value your scalp as much as your corneas, here are the top four differences you should
take into consideration.

1. “Parlor” vs. “Clinic.” Tattoo parlors are just that: parlors. Regulations on these facilities are light, and in some states, don’t exist at all. While many SMP providers work out of these facilities (or “mobile” offices with no fixed address), SMP @ GLI is performed in clean, clinical environments that are fully licensed and compliant with biohazard requirements. If you’re looking at another facility, ask them if they have surgical lighting and loupes so your scalp can be magnified and properly seen—as well as an on-site Q-switched laser for pigment diffusion and adaptation. (If they look confused, think “eye-zapper.”)

2. “Tattoo Artist” vs. “Certified Impression Technician.” Nothing against tattoo artists (many of our best technicians come from that background), but SMP isn’t about bringing a creative design to life; it’s about changing people’s lives by creating something that gives them added confidence to take on the world. SMP @ GLI employs advanced people and techniques—including trained and certified impression techs who know the exact ink and needles to use, as well as the precise ink deposit density for your scalp.

3. “Tattoo Ink” vs. “Medical Grade Pigment.” Speaking of inks, they’re not all created equal. Basic tattoo inks can turn blue on the scalp over time (a common complaint from people who’ve gotten SMP at other facilities). At GLI, we use special, medical-grade pigments specifically designed to use on the human scalp and avoid fading or discoloration.

4. “Individual” vs. “Team Effort.” Most SMP providers are stuck in a tattoo mindset where a solo artist works on a client. At GLI, we know that the intensity and precision of a high-quality SMP procedure requires more than one person present. This “team effort” is an important quality-control measure that prevents fatigue and improves results.

Scalp Micropigmentation has similarities to tattooing, but it’s also a different animal. If you’re in
the market for SMP, don’t be fooled by glorified tattoo artists. Be kind to your scalp and go with trained professionals who work in a clean, clinical environment—and who know the importance of every impression they make.

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Online Reviews
"I was hesitant at first when i heard about micro scalp pigmentation, but then when i saw the before and after photos on Good look Ink, specifically for scar correction, I couldn't tell it was ink! it looked very natural and after all, if no one can tell, why hesitate, you want to look your best, without people knowing, right? so this was a win-win in my book. and the staff are just absolutely GREAT and very professional. should have done it years ago."

– Frank M

"I did my SMP at Good look Ink today and the result exceeded my expectation. The technician understood how my hair design should look and took her time to achieve the desired design. I would recommend Googlook In to anyone considering SMP."

– Dawitt Reviewed

"Okay here goes,,,,I am 46 & have been through it all....transplants, hair piece, Rogaine, etc. and I wish this that this process was available much earlier. I had made the mistake of using a cosmetic tattooist to save some money & quickly realized that it was a poor decision that required laser removal. I am extremely happy with the initial results as well as the overall treatment that I received."

– Ken M

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